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Small and lightweight...

MINI-Air is a new variable speed air cushion system that matches the machine throughput to the needs of the packaging line. If you are looking for a small machine that produces air cushions on demand, which protects your goods during transport or storage, then MINI-Air has the solution for you. This smart air cushion machine inflates many different air cushions using a small roll of film. By producing on demand, whenever and wherever you need it MINI-Air can eliminate storage of bulky packaging materials in your valuable storage space. The machine is compact, lightweight (<6kg) and robust enough for the most demanding packing applications. Business shipper, distribution centre or pack and ship store; whether you are a large or small user MINI-Air’s mechanically simple design and exceptional reliability provides stress free packing.

Easy to use...

The MINI-Air System is easy to install. Simply take out of the carton, plug in and load the film! No external air supply is required. MINI Air cushions are available in films to both fill up space in cartons (filler film) and also to wrap around products (wrapper film).

• The most light weight table work air
   cushion machine in the market
• Custom cushion size available
• Durable performance film
• Personalised design for adjustable
   Air Volume, Temperature, Length
• Well sealed without air leakage
• Easy-to-store
• Simple to set-up
• Environmentally friendly, Anti-static
   and Biodegradable
• CE certified for MINI-Air and SGS
   certified for consumable material